Glaness Rinsi Malope

Director, Shareholder & CEO

Gladness Malope is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a dedicated director of Grobler Malope Inc. She specialises in family law and civil litigation by providing expert legal guidance and representation with a compassionate approach.

Sherne Grobler

Director, Shareholder & CFO

Sherene Grobler is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a dedicated director of Grobler Malope Inc. She specialises in labour law and family law by guiding corporate clients through labour proceedings with dedication to achieve the best possible outcome.

Rohan Lamprecht

COO & Strategic Consultant

Rohan Lamprecht is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and as Strategic Consultant, he provides exceptional legal guidance with analytical thinking and attention to detail. He is mainly responsible for the success of the firm's Insolvency Division.

Dorcia Gota

Article Clerk

Dorcia Gota is the latest addition to our firm and acts as Gladness's right hand. She is being groomed for civil litigation, Family Litigation and all matters relating the Magistrate's Court.

Linda Gourlie

Personal Assistant

Linda Gourlie is responsible for processing High Court applications in all matters relating to Insolvency Law, from sequestrations to rehabilitation. She has extensive experience spanning more than two decades.

Chantelle Botha

Personal Assistant

Chantelle Botha is responsible for all the liquidations, whether done by resolution or High Court application, and also serves as our in-house bookkeeper.

Neo Stemmer


Neo Stemmer acts as both our receptionist as well as our debt profile expert. She is responsible for clearing credit bureau listings