Let's get straight to the point: GROBLER MALOPRE INC is a fully functioning REGISTERED LAW FIRM. We SPECIALISE in DEBT SOLUTIONS for South African citizens locally and abroad - We CAN assist you, no matter where your are!  YES it's POSSIBLE! You can become 100% DEBT FREE in less than 60 DAYS depending on which solution you choose.

We offer ALL the DIFFERENT OPTIONS under one roof - YOU CHOOSE which option you want, or you can request a FREE DEBT ANALYSIS to see which will be best :

  • Payment Restructuring - you can choose the extent of our involvement;  
  • Debt Consolidation - we'll arrange for finance, provided you qualify;
  • Reduced Settlement Negotiation - leave the negotiations with creditors to us;
  • Debt Administration - we do everything from drafting to payment distribution;
  • Debt Counselling & Review - you provide the info and we'll tend to everything;
  • Voluntary Bankruptcy - this is our speciality... DEBT of 80% or more WRITTEN-OFF!
  • Personal Sequestration - an alternative option with similar results; 
  • A Section 119 Composition - Since 2022 nobody has done more of these, than us!      

You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOOSE... Our initial consultation and assessment is completely FREE OF CHARGE.  You still have time to START OVER - don't waste it!  Give yourself a new fresh start, without DEBT!

We know that making the RIGHT CHOICE is never easy, but now it's time you think about yourself, your family and YOUR FUTURE.  Let us assist you - just SCROLL DOWN and submit your contact details for a call-back. 
WE OFFER YOU: a FREE ASSESSMENT by one of our highly qualified attorneys, you'll then receive your DEBT ANALYSIS with our NO OBLIGATION advice, and ONLY IF YOU WANT one of our EXPERTS will phone you for a 35 minute ONE-ON-ONE DISCUSSION totally FREE OF CHARGE, to guide you through the different options!

Just SCROLL DOWN to submit your contact details OR PHONE

  • 087 057 1790 (office hours) 
  • 072 268 4934 (after hours)
We'll state again - There's absolutely NO OBLIGATION on you to make use of our further services. If you do, you may terminate our mandate at any time for any reason.  Our main aim is to assist you to become 100% DEBT FREE to spread the word that GROBLER MALOPE ATTORNEYS gave you an EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE at truly AFFORDABLE COST. For us word-of-mouth marketing has been the corner stone of our success!

YOU OWE YOURSELF to at least try our services. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE? The next 2 MINUTES might just make all the difference and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER...
We adhere to a strict POPI code and YOUR INFORMATION will remain CONFIDENTIAL and PROTECTED under ATTORNEY-and-CLIENT PRIVILEGE. Please complete the form below and allow 24 hours for us to respond.