This is only one of the debt solutions options we offer our clients. Unfortunately it has very limited application due to the R50,000 limit on debt that may be included under an Administration Order. This amount,  however, does not include any property, vehicles, or other assets that are being financed.

At Grobler Malope Inc we assist our clients who qualify to pursue this option, with everything from drafting the application to accepting the appointment as Administrator, to distribute the monthly instalments  until your accounts have been paid in full.

The entire process is relatively easy, and quick. If you contact us, we will supply you with a questionnaire which you need to complete as thoroughly as possible before you return it to us. 

We will analyse it to ensure this is indeed the correct and most feasible option for you. One of our attorneys will contact you to discuss any questions or queries you might have and provide you with a quote for our services. 

For more information, either contact us or click on the link below which will take you to our Article Division in which this topic is covered much more comprehensively.